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Since its inception in 2006, this institute has remained steadfast to the one central commitment to provide a balanced comprehensive nursing education and clinical skills.Our aims at turning out intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually inspired, emotionally balanced and socially committed nurses.

Nursing A Noble Profession

Nursing" accoding to oxford dictionary means the practice or profession of caring for the sick. Nothing helps more than good nursing during illness.Since ages, the art of healing and nursing has been defined and redefined to attain the present level of modern science which is well acknowledged by the treating physicians and operating surgeons.Miss Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) dedicated her life to this noble profession and then onwards the emphasis was laid on the need for the nursing professionals, who are trained according to the standards of the prevailing medical practices. Thus nursing became an important and integral part of the medical profession involved in the management of the diseases.


To be an institution that will offer affordable world-class education to all classes of students in order to uplift the society we serve, by nurturing human values and ethics and by imparting knowledge, which emphasizes on life skills.


To evolve, synthesize and spread the power of knowledge to arm generations to come through world-class initiatives and academic practices that focuses on overall development of students.