Message From The Chairman


The field of nursing has changed immeasurably since Florence Nightingale’s leadership turned caring for the wounded and sick into a profession. Likewise, the education of nurses has changed dramatically. We are focusing on preparing students for a rapidly changing world of health care at a point of time when young candidates are entering into nursing profession. Our goal is to establish a caring, diverse academic learning environment that provides one of the world’s highest standards of nursing education. College of Nursing Harish Hospital curriculum prepares future nurses at the baccalaureate level in an exciting environment that not only includes classroom and clinical laboratory learning experiences on campus, but also opportunities to care for patients at numerous clinical sites. These sites are located in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and community agencies. Additionally, students are prepared for leadership roles in all health care institutions. Other key aspects of the learning that take place in CNHH are the close relationship to clinical sites that offer internship programs for students during the summer months, the opportunity to interact with national nursing leaders who are present in the college at key points in time, and the study abroad programs which add to the value of a nursing education. The faculty believes that the CNHH offers a tremendous opportunity for graduate nursing education in a unique academic and professional environment. We invite you to study nursing with us at CNHH.

Message From The Managing Director


The College believes in training professional nurses from all states of India to meet the great challenges of service in the field of nursing. Professional nursing is a life-long service to the people and nursing must advance along with other health professions if society is to be assured of a balanced health care programme. Therefore, the College prepares students to develop ability to analyse situations and problems critically and take responsibility for their higher education for maximum professional effectiveness throughout their career. Furthermore, the College believes in a system of nursing education that fits in with the changing educational patterns of the country to meet the health needs of the society.